HUMMUS PLATE. Fresh, roasted-red-pepper hummus served with homemade, vegan oat-toast and hothouse cucumbers. 7.50

VEGAN SOUPS. Three Bean Chili or Coconut Curry. Cup 3.50/Bowl 4.50 (Add vegan or dairy cheese for .50). Follow us on Instagram (TwistedTreeCafe) for specials!

TOAST. Our homemade, vegan oat-bread toasted .50 (add vegan or dairy butter for an additional .50 cents. Add organic peanut butter, avocado, banana, our homemade pesto, red spread or red-pepper sauce for an additional 1.00)


KIDS (12 and under)

KIDS GRILLED CHEESE. Dairy or vegan cheese baked on homemade oat-bread. 4.50

KIDS CHEESE QUESADILLA. Dairy or vegan cheese melted on flour tortilla (gluten-free or whole-wheat tortilla +.50). 4.50

KIDS PEANUT BUTTER & HONEY. Organic PB and honey on homemade, oat-bread. 4.50



Mixed greens, scallion, tomato, cucumber, sprouts, green pepper, carrot, olive and avocado served with  our homemade, ginger-miso dressing (GF) and your choice of protein: homemade hummus, soy chicken salad or tuna salad. 9.00


Served on homemade oat-bread or flour wrap. Includes side salad and our ginger-miso dressing.
Add avocado + 1.00   Substitute flour wrap for gluten-free or whole-wheat wrap +.50

SWEET POTATO WRAP. Roasted sweet potatoes, homemade tahini dressing, fresh kale, black Thai rice and avocado. 10.00

FOCACCIA MELT. Vegan pesto, olives, artichoke, roasted red peppers and dairy or vegan cheese on our toasted, homemade focaccia bread. 8.75

HUMMUS WRAP. Made fresh with roasted red pepper and sesame seed, served with scallion, sprouts, lettuce and tomato. 8.75

TOFU MEATBALL. With roasted red-pepper and sun-dried tomato sauce, dairy or vegan cheese. 8.75 (contains wheat)

QUESADILLA. Soy chicken salad, sun-dried tomato spread, scallion, tomato and dairy or vegan cheese. 9.25

BEAN (WRAP ONLY). Chili beans, onion, pepper, tomato, avocado and dairy or vegan cheese. 8.75

BAKED TOFU. Seasoned tofu, vegan pesto, roasted red-pepper and tomato. 9.25

SOY CHICKEN SALAD. With carrot, celery, vegan mayo, served with scallion, sprouts, lettuce and tomato. 8.75

VEGGIE (WRAP ONLY). Sun-dried tomato spread, carrots, avocado, cucumber, olive, pepper, lettuce, tomato, scallion and sprouts. 8.75

TUNA SALAD. Albacore tunafish made with vegan mayo; served with scallion, sprouts, lettuce and tomato. 8.75

SMOKED SALMON. With vegan cream-cheese, scallion, cucumber, lettuce and tomato. 9.25



MUFFIN.  2.50 GF 3.00

COOKIE.  1.50




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